To make from scratch or to buy readymade — that is the question, not only when it comes to pizza bases, but also sauces and condiments. Here are some of the arguments on both sides — the final decision needs to be based on your customer base and the way your business is positioned in the marketplace.
* The time and effort of preparing sauces and condiments from scratch equates to more workhours and staffing costs. They typically need to be prepared well in advance of service, which means staff need to come in earlier, and the need to monitor cooked sauces means you may need more staff than otherwise.
* Pizza bases made from scratch need to be rolled out and prepared with a certain level of skill — the dough needs to be ‘burped’ to prevent bubbles appearing in the base once the pizza is cooked.
* Readymade sauces and condiments are competitively priced and available to suit a wide range of styles and quality levels. This makes them a cost-effective choice and allows you to find ones which suit your needs and satisfy customers.
* The high quality of today’s readymade products means customers typically can’t tell whether or not you have bought them in or prepared from scratch — many sauces and condiments are comparable in quality to those you’d make yourself.
* Even when using readymade sauces and condiments, you can still modify them by adding extra ingredients to make your sauces or pizza toppings something special that stands out from the crowd.
* Making your own sauces and condiments gives you complete control over the ingredients and flavour profile. You can create highly distinctive tastes that differentiate your business from the competition, bringing customers back because they can’t get those some flavours anywhere else.
* In creating a pizza base from scratch, you have the opportunity to test-run various recipes to find the one that will work best in your oven, and then stick to it.
* Making from scratch enables you to choose only certain suppliers, which can be utilised as a promotional tool for your business (for example, the fact that you use only locally sourced produce).
* From-scratch production makes it easier for you to accommodate particular customer requests or even to tailor your menu to meet specific dietary needs, such as creating an entirely gluten-free menu.
* While from-scratch is doubtlessly more labour-intensive, this extra investment of time and effort can pay dividends especially for businesses positioning themselves at the upper end of the market.
from scratch tomato sauce base on pizza